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If you're under the age of 25, have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and live in Telford and Wrekin we're here to help you.

The help we offer is:

  • Free

  • Private - we won't talk to anyone about you unless you say it's OK or we think you might be in danger

  • Fair - we won't tell you what to do or take sides.  We'll support you to make your own choices










If you have a special educational need or a disability the law says you can get support to help you with:

  • School, college or training 

  • Your health needs

  • Your care needs

  • Being independent and becoming an adult


We are impartial which means we can meet you in private and won't take sides - no-one will be told about the things we talk about unless you give us permission.


Maria is our Young Persons Caseworker . . .

And everyone else in the team is really friendly and helpful too!


Meet Maria

Our SENDIASS children’s and young people’s case worker

I have worked for Telford &Wrekin SENDIASS for the last 11 years and up until 2015 my role consisted of supporting both parents and carers

With all the new legislation changes within the SEN code of practice and the new Children’s and families Act 2014 , my role changed. My mission is now to support young people with SEND to ensure that their views, wishes and feelings are heard.

Prior to joining our Telford and Wrekin CVS team, I enjoyed working as a learning support assistant at the Bridge school before taking on a new position at Action for Children.

My interest and passion has always been around SEND and I have loved working directly with children and young people throughout my career.


My role as a SENDIASS Young Persons case worker

At Telford and Wrekin SENDIASS, we are very lucky to have a dedicated young person case worker.

The main focus of my role is to support young people in regard to their views, wishes and feelings. My aim is to ensure that young people with SEND within Telford and Wrekin, have got not only a voice, but to enable that voice to be heard.

One way  I provide support is through our monthly drop-ins hosted at the local secondary schools and colleges.


At the drop-ins I can help you:

  • Prepare for Educational meetings

  • Gather your opinions, wishes and feelings

  • Ensure that your voice is heard, and you feel listened to

  • Complete one-page profiles

"I am also able to offer you additional support by attending your annual EHCP review."

“I really appreciate you being there”

“You are all fabulous at your jobs and you are helping to change how the system works.

You also do a brilliant job being there for me when I need you especially through lockdown. “

“I feel that I am listened to more now.

I like to see Maria at the college drop ins, she helps me with any issues I have about my education.

Maria helps me with my views for my annual review.”


Shout out for SEND group (SOS)


SENDIASS in partnership with Telford and Wrekin Council have created a group especially for young people with SEND, to ensure that young people with SEND get the chance to have their voice heard and influence decisions within SENDIASS and Telford & Wrekin.

The young people have named the group SOS and we also have a closed Facebook group so that everyone can be participate in decisions even if they don’t attend.

At the SOS group we have planning and discussion groups, followed by fun activities which the young people choose.





I really enjoyed completing a one page profile as it was great to give you an insight as to what my hobbies and interests are as well as my aspirations and what I would like to achieve


I really enjoyed, in particular the group activities where we did cooking and baking as it is something I really enjoy as well as something which I would love to develop my skills in and the activities with you have helped with this and improved my confidence

Yes I’m very looking forward to joining in next week, I’ve really enjoyed what we’ve done so far including the game of bingo and the engaging quiz, it is a brilliant group 👍 😃

We're here for you to answer all your questions and support you in making choices about your future

Watch and listen to the videos on this page and phone or email SENDIASS in Telford to talk about YOU and what sort of advice or support you need -

we're here to listen and help!

And click HERE for lots more website and Fact Sheet information for young people

Young Person Transition Webinar

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