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Ordinarily Available Provision in the Early Years National Seminar: 25th February 2022

This national seminar will:

  • Explore what the requirements are under the Children and Families Act (2014);

  • Discuss how local areas are developing a consistent approach to ordinarily available provision;

  • Highlight some of the benefits and challenges

This national seminar is for those with well-developed ordinarily available provision and for those who want to find out more.

You will hear a wide range of different perspectives including:

  • Different ways in which local areas have developed their OAP guidance

  • Effective ways of involving stakeholders

  • How to overcome challenges encountered along the way

  • And join in the celebration of their successes

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The Constant Gardener - 1st March 2022

As part of the Early Years SEND Partnership Project, nasen will be holding a DfE-funded virtual Early Years SEND Seminar on 1st March 2022, ‘The Constant Gardener’, for members of Local Authority Early Years SEND Teams, with a keynote by their new CEO Annamarie Hassall MBE.

During the seminar, 3 Local Authorities, currently working on the project, will be sharing successes and challenges from their work and there will be opportunities for discussion with colleagues throughout the morning.

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COVID recovery and young children with SEN and Disabilities - 7th March 2022

The impact of Covid-19 has been immense on all children and young people, but there is little information on how it has impacted our youngest children.

This national seminar will bring together key recent data/research, evidence and guest speakers to share a range of different perspectives on the impact of the pandemic on children with SEN and disabilities in the early years, and their families.

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Measuring outcomes for parent engagement and coproduction - March 23rd 2022



Measuring outcomes for parent engagement and coproduction - March 23rd 2022


Contact has been working with Genuine Partnerships who have developed the nationally recognised model of co-production based on the Four Cornerstones Approach (Welcome and Care;  Value and Include, Communicate and Work in Partnership) . This is based on the acclaimed Rotherham Charter which was co-created by the children and young people families and practitioners in Rotherham. The workshop will also showcase a new tool being developed with Genuine Partnerships, Contact and local areas to measure outcomes for parent engagement and coproduction.

In this online workshop we will hear from Genuine Partnerships about how;

·  This relational model can be used to strengthen inclusive practice and promote emotional health and wellbeing  within the ethos and culture of early years settings to build trust.

·  Quality indicators can be used to identify and develop good practice in settings and in partnership working

·  Success Measures can be agreed with service users and partners to identify priority areas and really measure success.

The workshop is suitable for; anyone interested in embedding coproduction  including those in leadership roles working in early years setting, strategic managers, young people’s forums and parent carer forums.

To book a place on the National Seminar go to

Strategic planning for speech, language and communication support in the early years (I CAN)

1st March, 1:30-4:30pm

The event will focus on helping local areas to use key elements from the range of new national guidance and tools that relate to speech, language and communication in the early years, and to support them to develop a robust and integrated local strategy and live action plan that can sustain.  

More information will follow but for now hold the date or register your interest by email.

Planning for the best transitions for early years children with SEND (Dingley's Promise)

22nd March, 10am-12pm

Dingley’s promise has been supporting 16 local authorities to improve transitions for children with SEND For the last 18 months, further building on our own experience as a provider of provision for children where transitions in and out of the settings and onto schools are a fundamental part of our work.
This webinar brings together learning from all 16 local authorities and our own learning too, whilst also allowing us to share our approaches to working at a strategic level across the whole area, as well as some examples of what works based on practitioner and parent experiences.

More information to follow but hold the date or register your interest by email.