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Welcome to the 

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Information Advice and Support Service

in Telford and Wrekin

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Lots of info for 16-25s

Our Service, including Triage line is open Monday-Thursday 

We currently aim to respond to any messages

                              within 5 working days                                                               

Who are we and what do we do?

We're here for you . . .


  • If you're a parent/carer of a child or young person with special educational needs or a disability

  • If you're a young person with special educational needs or a disability 16-25

  • If you have an issue or concern in the areas of education, health or social care

  • If you live in Telford and Wrekin

  • If you think your child has or may have a special educational need


Accessing our service

We support parents and carers of children with a special educational need up to the age of 25. Once a young person reaches 16 it is a legal requirement that they become directly involved in making decisions themselves. Some young people still prefer to have close parent or carer support, some wish to be more independent.  We'll have a chat about this and decide which way is best for you.  If you're 16 or over, why not take look at all the information in our Young Persons Zone

How we can help you

  • Listen to your concerns and provide information and advice on the 'phone or in person

  • Work with you to explore your options 

  • Help you prepare for meetings

  • Help to explain reports written by professionals

  • Give you information in relation to SEND law to enable you to participate and make informed decisions regarding your child's education

  • Signpost you to other sources of information and support

  • Work in partnership with schools and the local authority to develop positive relationships and outcomes

In addition we provide

SENDIASS Telford and Wrekin is funded by Telford & Wrekin Council and Telford & Wrekin CCG

SENDIASS Telford and Wrekin, as a project of Telford and Wrekin CVS, meets the Department for Education Quality Standards for services providing Information, Advice and Support.  IAS Services have a national network IASSN in association with the Council for Disabled Children. Visit Network Quality Standards where standards for IAS Services are listed.  

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